maandag 10 december 2007

Reminder : Pay it forward exchange

Enkel dagen geleden deed ik een oproep om mee te doen aan de "Pay it forward exchange".
Tot nu toe zijn er nog maar twee die willen meedoen, dus er is nog een plaatsje vrij!
Wie wil nog???

A couple of days ago, I made a call for the "Pay it forward exchange".
Uptill now, I only have two girls who wanna play, so there's still place for one!
Who's next??

Wil Ethlinn , die zich kandidaat heeft gesteld eens met mij contact opnemen aub? Ik heb geen email van je en kan je dus niet bereiken! Je kan me mailen door in mijn profiel op "email" te klikken.

3 opmerkingen:

paru's_circle zei

ok, Tania i am next if the place hasnt been taken. please contact me on my blog and tell me what to do. you can leave 2 messages on my blog, one with your email address (which i will not print as i moderate my comments) and the other another ordinary coment which I will post.. btw.. I am in Malta(EU)

paru's_circle zei

ok, Tanis, thanks sent my snail mail.. ok, I worked it out, I have posted the Pay It Forward on my blog now, thanks a million!

paru's_circle zei

i am also waiting for 2 people, 1 lady has put the pay it forward on her blog, i am trying to convince another lady to participate.. hey ladies, i want to give you something for free.. come and get it ;-)